Caledonia Northern Folk Studios offers a wide range of folkloristic, oral history and multi-media documentation and consultancy services to meet your project's needs. We specialize in bringing public history, public humanities and documentary arts lenses to community-based projects and non-profit organizations working on issues of social, environmental and food justice. Our wheelhouse is soup-to-nuts production -- we're adapt at executing and project-directing full fieldwork-to-exhibition workflows, and are happiest working directly with communities and partner organizing to design fieldwork to help you build our your desired programming, with an eye to audience engagement, access, and social movement organizing. We document anything; but projects around vernacular experience/folklife, occupational culture/labor, environment and ecology (and especially environmental health), and grassroots resistance movements are closest to our hearts.

We're also accustomed to working with folklife, oral history, and public and local history organizations of all stripes. We welcome work with new partners and emerging projects; and we especially value curatorial and documentation ethics that value close collaboration and sharing authority with the communities being documented. We're also proud to partner with a network of talented documentarians, videographers, graphic designers and sound artists for our projects -- we love working with our wider community of fellow practitioners for arts-inflected documentary, public folklore and public arts projects. Give us a shout if you want us to help pull together a team!

Services include:

  • field documentation (oral history interviews, folklife documentation, photographic documentation -- place, process, portrait, film + video work, environmental + landscape documentation, survey fieldwork)
  • personal + family + movement oral history (as raw audio/image files, produced, and for print production/biographies)
  • programming recommendations (curated media toolkits tailored to your organization's purpose; project design and best practices; oral history/folklife ethics)
  • media production (photo sets, multi-media short pieces, audio + radio pieces, video, film)
  • curatorial (metadata + content management, exhibition design, label copy, community co-curation, interviewing, digital/Omeka, oral history/media-based exhibitions and installations; sound art/place-based installation; audio tours)
  • program evaluation (qualitative/interview-based, for non-profits in place-based local foods systems & environmental justice work, or beyond)
  • community outreach and engagement (including publicity, marketing, and direct service; community engagement strategies; design for reciprocity)
  • training consultancies, resource guides, staff trainings and educational workshops  (oral history interviewing, folklife fieldwork methods, fieldwork-to-production workflows, integrating oral history and historic preservation, oral history applications, environmental humanities, the new public humanities, community-collaborative project design, oral-history/fieldwork based exhibitions, reciprocal ethnography and consent)
  • grant-writing + consultancy (for public and environmental humanities projects, including oral history and local history)

We also provide transcription, logging and indexing services for Caledonia Northern Folk Studios media projects, including indexing with OHMS. Upon request, we will consider bids for labor and leadership for archival and digitization projects. For these, we prefer projects that include project planning or curatorial consultancy; and especially favor archival and digitization projects in conjunction with oral history or fieldwork documentation work. Work samples (including full ethnographic fieldwork kits -- field notes, logs, etc.available upon request

Unless specified, we provide all fieldwork documentation equipment necessary. You may pick your desired equipment from a list of available pieces and file format specifications; or you may allow us to decide. If additional equipment, software or materials are required for successful completion of a project, purchase may be requested as a part of project fees. 

A note on travel: We are based in Central Ohio, but are happy to consider traveling for fieldwork, documentation and oral history projects. In these cases, we will work with a client to assess a reasonable work day fee and per diem. Mileage compensation or equivalent follows federal standard rates. In most cases, fees for program recommendations or media production will be assessed separately and take place after on-location fieldwork.

NOTE: Our rates are field standard. We believe in a living wage for cultural workers, and all humans. If you are a low-income individual or community organization working for social change, and would like to partner with us, we would be happy to consider sliding scale rates. We're excited to share our passion for smart, community-collaborative documentation and programming with groups doing needful work in the world. Contact us with any inquiries. Services available a la carte or modular. Inquire for package rates for larger or multi-service projects.